The Cavaliers should be thanking the Portland Trail Blazers!

This has “I told you so” all over it, but I can’t help it. After the Golden State Warriors┬ádominated the Houston Rockets, I proposed that Stephen Curry simply sit the 2nd round series out vs. the Portland Trail Blazers and get at least 3 weeks of healing. Instead, the Golden State Warriors rushed Curry back in a little over 2 weeks. Although Curry was not awful for the rest of the playoffs, he definitely was not his MVP self. I blame this solely on the status of his right leg and having to endure two seven game series in a row. The thing about injuries is that re-injury is not always the only risk. Poor performance is just as bad as being unavailable in most cases, and we all saw that Steph played poor in game 7. The insiders for the team admitted to seeing Curry’s knee appearing red and swollen after games as he continuously received treatment throughout the playoffs. Steph himself would not go into detail about his injuries, but his tone said it all.

I know that the Golden State Warriors training staff is very capable, but I hope there is a lesson learned for the future here. Just because a player can take the court, doesn’t mean he should take the court. I believe that the Warriors would have taken care of the Blazers without Stephen Curry in the second round and at the very most Curry should have only played in the case of an elimination game. The extra rest would have allowed his to fully heal and may have made a big difference in the rest of the Warriors playoff run. I guess the Trail Blazers looked alive enough to scare the team into rushing their MVP back on the court and I believe this is at least part of the reason Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are celebrating right now.

In the end, poor usage of Injury Science may have cost the Golden State Warriors HISTORY.