SEP Reliability Rating-Quarterbacks

SEP stands for Science, Evidence, and Performance; and this is the new progressive way to determine which players you can count on.  I have ranked the top players at all the positions and will give you their ranking and a few factors that helped to calculate their rating.  

I used weight, speed, experience, football IQ, injury history, position norms, and other factors to create a rating system that predicts which fantasy football players are the most reliable.  I call this my SEP Rating as it primarily consist of SCIENCE, EVIDENCE, and PERFORMANCE. I put just a pinch of subjective into these ratings as I believe there are simply some things that you have to assess with your eyes and not through data.  

For the Quarterbacks, the most reliableQB scored a rating of 124, while the least reliable QB scored a rating of 73.  I ranked the starting QB’s for now, but if I missed someone you are interested in email me at

Peyton Manning 124
Matthew Stafford 112
Andrew Luck 111
Joe Flacco 109
Tom Brady 108
Drew Brees 105
Matt Ryan 104
Eli Manning 103
Andy Dalton 102
Derrick Carr 102
Ben Roethlisberger 98
Jameis Winston 98
Tony Romo 97
Cam Newton 95
Phillip Rivers 93
Marcus Mariota 93
Nick Foles 93
Carson Palmer 93
Aaron Rodgers 91
Zach Mettenberger 90
Jay Cutler 89
Geno Smith 88
Russell Wilson 86
Teddy Bridgewater 86
Blake Bortles 84
Collin Kaepernick 84
E.J. Manuel 83
Johnny Manziel 82
Ryan Tannehill 80
Alex Smith 80
Robert Griffin III 76
Sam Bradford 75
Brian Hoyer 73