Foster, Stewart, Matthews: what is the common thread?

Arian Foster, Jonathan Stewart, and Ryan Matthews are all out with leg injuries.  Both Stewart and Matthews are out with knee sprains and Foster is down with the infamous hamstring injury.   The Science Running back is arguably the most injury susceptible position there is.  Their combination of speed, repetitions, and contact endured is not only unrivaled … Continue reading “Foster, Stewart, Matthews: what is the common thread?”

The Most Reliable Fantasy Football Running Backs

August 29, 2015 After posting the Most Reliable Fantasy Football Quarterback list, I thought the rest of the players would be fairly easy to rank using the same format.  I sure was wrong.  When it comes to running backs, reliability is a whole different beast.  The biggest issue is that the running backs who are … Continue reading “The Most Reliable Fantasy Football Running Backs”

SEP Reliability Ratings-Running backs

SEP stands for Science, Evidence, and Performance; and this is the new progressive way to determine which players you can count on.  I have ranked the top players at all the positions and will give you their ranking and a few factors that helped to calculate their rating.   I used weight, speed, experience, football IQ, … Continue reading “SEP Reliability Ratings-Running backs”