Sneak Peek: Week 17 Fantasy Football Injury Review

Now that the NFL injury report has eliminated the designation of “probable”, the questionable tag will include players who are anywhere from 50 to 99-percent likely to play. With this new development you will definitely need to check here every week before locking your lineups to make sure that you don’t get burned by a player whose injury status you miscalculated. I will use a combination of Injury Science and my experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy to give you a more precise description of whether you can trust these players on your fantasy roster.

Matthew Stafford (DET) Finger sprain

With much of the season long fantasy action already completed, and many of the NFL games being meaningless, I will stick to the games that mean something this week. No game will mean more than the Green Bay Packers vs. the Detroit Lions on Sunday night, so this looks like a good place to start. I wrote about Stafford a couple of weeks ago, prior to the Detroit Lions game vs. the New York Giants. Although Stafford continues to be left off the injury report, I warned that his injury was serious and that he should be avoided. If you didn’t listen to that advice, you were rewarded with a whopping 11.2 point performance against the New York Giants, followed by a pedestrian 14.5 points against the Dallas Cowboys. Stafford’s middle finger dislocation and the spraining of the ligaments around that finger are making him less effective, in my opinion. Stafford has not been lighting it up this season by any means, but I think the completion percentage over the last few games is the biggest tell that his finger is making a difference.

How Stafford’s finger holds up this week will play a big role on the fantasy landscape, as many DFS players and anyone else who is still invested in fantasy football are likely to be targeting this game. Not only will Stafford’s injury limit his output, but it may turn what most believe will be a shoot out into a slow-paced methodical game. As a rule of thumb, you should give players with soft tissue injuries about three weeks to recover. However when it comes to injuries…… Read the rest on later today.

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