Have you ever had a rock hit your windshield and leave a little crack? Unfortunately I can answer yes to this many times over. If you have had this happen a few times, you can appreciate that what starts off as a little tiny crack that you can barely see can eventually turn into a crack that extends the entire length of your windshield.

Once you have been burnt once with that windshield replacement deductible, you learn to get that crack sealed as soon as possible. What I have learned is that the more you drive, the quicker the crack expands. Once the crack is sealed, it will stop spreading and you are in the clear.

When it comes to hairline fractures to weight-bearing bones, they can be very similar to the windshield with the small crack. The biggest difference with this analogy is that our bodies don’t need a windshield repair place, they just need time.

The information is not clear on which bone is fractured in Dez Bryant’s knee, but you can assume that it is one of the weight-bearing bones of the knee based on the mechanism of injury. The importance of a weight-bearing bone as compared to a non weight-bearing bone is that weight-bearing can be a gift or a curse.

Weight bearing can be a gift in that many weight-bearing exercises can improve bone density and strength; but a curse because excess weight or force can also be the cause for fractures or a reason why they don’t heal well. With many fractures, weight-bearing will be restricted. Some patients carry a non weight-bearing designation, some are allowed partial weight-bearing, some are allowed to only touch their toes to the ground, and some are WBAT “weight-bearing as tolerated”. This is an imperative designation that is given by orthopedic surgeons which guides the patients therapy and their daily function.

As this evaluation progresses with Dez Bryant, I am sure that a medical professional will advise him on the risk associated with playing on this injury. If he is cleared by the medical staff, you can be sure that there is little to no risk of this fracture progressing. 

Without the specifics of the Dez Bryant case, I can not give a definitive prognosis; but if Bryant was on my fantasy team I would be working hard on my plan B now. My guess is that this will be a waiting game for Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys that will strictly depend on ongoing scans of the fracture site and how Bryant feels. I would be very surprised if he played this week, and if I had to take a guess I would assume a two to three-week absence.

The worst option here would be to just put him back on the field and let him play through it, as this puts him at risk for furthering this injury or possibly creating another injury. If the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant play this right, Bryant should return at full strength in a few weeks and have no lingering effects from this injury and no significant changes with his injury profile. If they play this wrong, we could be in for a season long issue that would prove to be awful for Dez Bryant and all who are invested in him.

As we get more details, I will update my thoughts on this…

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