Week 10 Last Minute Moves: Watch out for the decoy play!

November 9, 2014

Sammy Watkins, Fred Jackson, Martellus Bennett, Tony Romo, and Calvin Johnson appear to be all taking the field either with an injury or fresh off of an injury.  Which will help your roster and which are simply playing as a decoy?

Calvin Johnson

About 3-4 weeks ago it felt like the only player I wrote about was Calvin Johnson. Not much to write this time.  I predicted he would miss at least 2-3 weeks with his ankle injury back then, and today I think he will be 100% Megatron.  The Dolphins defense is nasty, but my guess is Megatron with fresh legs will be nastier.  I don’t think I have to tell many people to start a 100% Calvin Johnson but I will go ahead and say it for the record: START CALVIN JOHNSON!

Sammy Watkins and Fred Jackson

Both of these Bills players are suffering from groin injuries, but they have taken different routes to get here.  Fred Jackson sat for a few weeks and let his heal, which was likely the only option for an aging running back.  It looks like Jackson took the right approach and based on the fact that he practiced 3 days in a row and stated that he can play, I believe he will be on the field today.  The problem for Jackson is that so will the Kansas City Chiefs defense.  Jackson is likely to share the load and the Chiefs defense is not giving up much on the ground; so knowing that Jackson will play may really serve as useless information as he probably does not warrant a start in any type of league this week.

sammy watkins
“Throw it to him….I’m just the decoy today”

Watkins on the other side did not rest his groin injury and has been playing through it for the past few weeks. This is an option for a rookie who likely is healing a little faster than the veteran Jackson.  However, I feel it was a bad choice for Watkins in regard to his status this week.  With Watkins out of practices since exacerbating the injury on Wednesday, I have my DECOY ALERT on for Sammy Watkins.  I would not start him as I believe he is only on the field to open it up for other Bills receivers.  Sammy Watkins falls into my “Freaky Talented” designation, and as I have stated in the past these players push their bodies to the limit and need pit stops like race cars.  It appears that Watkins and the Bills refuse to give the rookie receiver this pit stop and I think his performance will suffer.

Martellus Bennett

Benett’s case is tricky for me as the details of his injury are not given as he suffered his rib injury in practice. Generally speaking, I would suspect that if there is even a consideration of him playing 3 days later that this could be no more than bruised ribs.  This is only an assumption but there are only a few options for rib injuries and this is the most likely one if the medical staff has cleared him to play.  In my opinion a minor rib injury is a non functional injury meaning that it should not lessen his ability to function from a standpoint of strength, speed, or agility IF the pain is managed.  The key word is IF.  There will likely be pain with contact and pain with deep breathing and exertion.  If Bennett can tolerate the pain, I expect him to likely play at his normal level.  I’m sure pain medications will be in effect tonight at Green Bay, and on a week with no Gronk, my daily fantasy players may need Bennett in their line up.  This is a hard call, but if it is me I would start him.  I expect a lot of points at Lambeau field tonight and you will want to be in that mix.

Tony Romo

Last but not least, Tony Romo.  Last week I thought Tony should sit and he did.  This week I think he should sit again, but it sounds like he is playing.  The Jaguars are under rated on defense especially when it comes to pass rush.  If I was Jerry Jones, I would take my chances winning against the Jaguars with Weeden.  Furthermore if I am a fantasy owner, I would take my chances with someone else at the QB position.  I believe Romo to have a non functional injury like Bennett, however I think Romo will be hit by the Jaguars pass rush.  Romo will likely come into the game with his pain managed but I don’t think it stays that way.  Look for the pain to bother Romo as the game progresses and I think this either means a bad performance from Romo or more carries for Murray.  Either way Romo will be no help to your roster today.

Good Luck!

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