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carson palmer

Carson Palmer prognosis:  Plan to go the long haul with Drew Stanton!

The Science

Carson Palmer has one of the vaguest diagnosis you can have–“nerve injury”.  He himself describes it as the nerve is dead.  It is very unlikely that his nerve is dead.  The more likely case is that his nerve was impinged (or pinched) during the hit he took.  When this happens, the nerve that is injured is unable to send signals to the muscles it is responsible for and therefore that muscle will not function or will function poorly.  In Palmers, case the nerve is in his shoulder and therefore throwing is not possible.  No matter what anyone tells you in the medical field, remember this-YOU CAN NOT ACCURATELY PREDICT NERVE REGENERATION OR RETURN OF NERVE FUNCTION!  Unfortunately nerve is not like muscles, ligaments and bones which we can usually predict a time table; nerves march to their own drummer.  Carson could be throwing tomorrow or maybe in 3 months….no one knows at this point.

What you need to know

At Palmers age, and the fact that he is having neurological symptoms (which are the trickiest of them all); it may be time to stick the fork in Palmer’s career.  Peyton came back from nerve issues but he is about the only QB right now who has the IQ to throw ducks almost half the time and still get the job done.  Carson Palmer has had a solid career but our prediction is that ITS OVER!  With Stanton advancing the Cardinals to 3-0 and the Palmer show almost over, those of you who were unfortunate enough to have Palmer as your fantasy QB or those stuck in the Chad Johnson era,(pre Ocho Cinco days) and thought that Palmer gave Arizona the best chance to win, it is likely time to move on.



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